An expert in Web Design

Meticulous planning and detail go into every website I create and they are always built with the following core features:

Bespoke and attracts your ideal clients and converts them into customers.

Professional and on point with your brands image and core values.

Responsive, easy to use and has the ability to grow alongside your business needs.

I have designed and built numerous WordPress powered websites for various industries. I know WordPress like the back of my hand. I use the platform on a daily basis to design and build websites for my clients so that they can reach their target customers, and ultimately make sales, and grow as a business.

responsive website design Rochester , Kent


I specialize in designing WordPress websites for all types of businesses, from small start-up’s to established organizations, local authorities, nationwide companies, and more.

I only design WordPress websites, and by focusing on one platform this has allowed me to offer the best possible service to my clients. I am able to achieve that goal consistently. I am always pushing the boundaries of functionality and creativity to get exactly what I want for my clients to ensure that the websites I create are bespoke.

I can bring 
to your business

If you have answered YES to any of the above then I can help you, by creating a website that you can be proud of and ultimately convert your visitors into customers!

bespoke website design based in Rochester Kent

Let's work together to
Create Something Amazing.

You can FINALLY have a Website you are PROUD of.

Local website designer based in Rochester Kent


A discovery call can last around 20-30 minutes. In this time, I will learn a bit about you and your business. We will go over such things as your new website's requirements, what features you would like, how many pages you will need, etc.
This way, I can give you an accurate quote, and ensure you are happy and feel fully onboard and invested.

Scott website designer


Now I have learnt a bit about you and your business, I can crack on with my initial design.
I will then present you with two different homepage designs from which you can choose what you like the most, giving me your constructive feedback. This will establish the overall look and feel of your new website moving forward. You can even decide to mix things up from both designs if you wish.

Wordpress web designer in Kent United kingdom


Once you have picked a design and are happy with the overall style, I will then get cracking on your new website's actual build. I will then ping you a link to a staging site where you can see your new website in all its glory. I will then work back and forth with feedback, updating and making changes until you are 100% happy with the website, and we have the final draft. I will then go through the site, making any final tweaks, and send you the finished design ready to go live.

Scott Wickham Website Design Expert Kent United Kingdom


Let's Get Ready to Rumble! Don't Stress! I will be entirely at hand on the day of the launch, making my final checks and ensuring everything goes off without a hitch!
First, I will configure the DNS of your domain name and point it to the new one (this is normally very fast but can take up to 24hrs for the changes to take full effect).
While waiting for the DNS to come across, I will configure and install your SSL certificate and make a few server tweaks, so everything runs fast.
WooHoo! Your website is now live for the world to see!


your new website will have the following features:


I don't use templates! The design of your website will be completely unique and built from the ground up for you and your brand


The Homepage is the most viewed and visited page on a website. So, its important to make the experience memorable right from the start


This is where we explain to your future customers who you are, and why your business is so amazing.


These are the sale pages of your website, where your future customers can find out what you have to offer and how much it might cost.


This is a very important and often overlooked page, that is vital to your visitors and clients. Without this they cant get in touch with you or request information.


All of my websites come with Elementor Pro, which is an easy to use visual editor so you can make changes at the click of a button.


Growing your email list is key to any business and by using an email signup form on your website you can maximise your opportunity to grow mailing lists.

search engine optimisation

All your website pages will be S.E.O Friendly, which can help boost your search engine rankings.

Hosting and Management Package


As well as building your website, I also offer an all in one Hosting and Management Package.

This package will help your site by keeping it up to date with the latest WordPress releases, which helps keep it running smoothly.

It also includes Wordfence, which is a leading security plugin built just to protect WordPress websites from attacks by hackers.

It is essential that your website is in tip-top shape at all times, and with my Management and Hosting Package, it will be!

You will never have to worry about a thing, and you can focus on what’s most important, your business.

Hosting and Management Package

£ 45 per Month
  • Secure Web Hosting
  • 30 Mins of Website Tweaks & Changes
  • SSL Certificate
  • Wordfence Security Plugin
  • Daily Virus Scans
  • 24 Hour Backups
  • Wordpress updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Spam Filtering
  • DDOS Attack protection
  • Brute Force Attack Protection

Are you ready to stop feeling ashamed by your website and start showing it off with pride?

Are you ready to start turning your visitors into clients and ultimately make more sales?

Are you ready to let an expert build the website you deserve so your free to focus on your business?

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I am looking forward to working with you.