Top 5 SEO Plugins for WordPress

SEO plugins are extensions that allow browsers and software to optimize their

content and structure to make it more presentable and crawlable to web engine spiders. Search engine optimization is a major source to boost up the traffic on your website. Optimizing your website helps to raise your rank while searching for similar content. This optimization inflates your business by increasing your website’s traffic.

This article lists the top 5 WordPress SEO Plugins. Although every SEO plugin conducts different tasks and functions, the main aim is to uplift the traffic. Only one WordPress SEO plugin can be implemented to your site.

Here is a generalized list of WordPress SEO Plugins, this list will enlighten you with some of the powerful SEO plugins:



This tool is ranked as the #1 WordPress SEO plugin on the market. This plugin provides total website optimization to improve the website. It helps you to add SEO titles and description on the content. Moreover, it lets you add images to your articles.

This SEO tool generates an XML sitemap for all the contents which makes it very easy for search engines to crawl your website. Other than that, Yoast verifies your site in webmaster tools such as google, bing and so on.



This WordPress SEO plugin consists of many unique functions that can aid in the optimization of your website. One of the features of this tool is the setup wizard that guides you through the whole installation process. In addition to that, it allows you to import data from other plugins which were previously installed. It also redirects to error code, if the system is broken.



All in one SEO pack- This SEO plugin offers a comprehensive set of tools to boost up the traffic on your website. It allows you to add SEO titles and meta tags. It builds up XML sitemaps for your posts on every page. It operates with WooCommerce which enhances your website. The installation process of the SEO pack is very effortless and simple. It also allows you to control access by using a feature manager. The premium package of this plugin gives you unlimited access and also optimizes the website more accurately.



SEO press- is another WordPress SEO plugin which includes all the features such as SEO title, optimized images, XML sitemaps and so on. Like other SEO plugins, SEOPress also comes with an easy installation process. In comparison to other WordPress SEO plugin, SEOPress is cheaper than the rest even with similar functionality.



Google Search Console- It is an all in one SEO tool which is offered by google without any hidden charges. This plugin monitors the website and also maintains the ranking of it. It notifies you when there is an error and also gives you useful tips on how to fix errors. It also highlights the keywords, anchor texts and more to enhance the traffic on your website. This tool optimizes your content and also provides data for your next post.

Final Verdict:

WordPress SEO helps your site to get recognized by enhancing the content. This increases the traffic on your site and makes your content desirable. However, Plugins has a limited capacity to handle technical aspects. It is recommended for your content to be quite impressive before optimizing it.

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